Young Driver Insurance

Young Car Driver Insurance with Lionheart Insurance

Young drivers face difficulties in getting car insurance at a reasonable price. So Lionheart Insurance have tackled this head on and obtained a number of deals for young drivers to provide them with options on how this can be more affordable. Speak to our advisors who will guide you through the options to allow you to chose what deal best fits you

What options do you have for Provisional Licence Holders Insurance?

For Provisional Driving Licence Holders Lionheart Insurance have two different options to provide insurance cover:

  • Provisional Marmalade, which can be taken out for a Provisional Licence Holder on a car which is already insured by the car owner. This insurance is like a 'bolt on' and runs in parallel with the car owner's own car insurance. Once the Provisional Driver passes their test this insurance is no longer of use and terminates. The Provisional Marmalade Car Insurance can be taken out for one, two or three months at a time.
  • iKube, which requires the fitting of a satnav type box to the vehicle which tracks how and when the car is being driven. There are limitations on how and when the car can be driven, i.e. within the local speed limits, no excessive accelerating or decelerating, no driving between 11pm and 6am, however the upside is that it reduces the premium for the Young Car Driver's Insurance

Unsure which insurance you should have or curious on how much it would cost? Then please give Lionheart Insurance a call on 0800 917 5227 or 0121 380 0930. Alternatively, click on the form , complete it and we will call you back as soon as possible where we can run you through the insurance policies, benefits etc.

What insurance deals do you have once I've passed my test?

For young car driver insurance for Full Licence Holders there are two options:

  • iKube, which as stated above requires the little black box to be fitted to the car. Although there are limitations your insurance premium is lower
  • Standard Car Insurance which takes in to consideration your driving experience, the type of car you have and how long you have owned the car.  The great thing is that if you have owned the vcar for more than 12 months discounts can start to kick in which you will benefit from a cheaper price. 
Both of these options will be explained fully when you are speaking with our advisors. We do not appear on the price comparison sites so that you do not end up with the wrong insurance policy 

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