Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) insurance

HGV Insurance

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Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance from Lionheart Insurance

Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance

Cheap HGV Insurance for any truck or lorry? For sure, Lionheart Insurance aims to get you a fair rate for great insurance cover and great service. I mean, how hard can it be to get HGV Insurance for a reasonable price? As specialists in HGV Insurance, Lionheart Insurance have a dedicated team of HGV and  Commercial Vehicles specialists who will guide you through the insurance maze to a great HGV Insurance policy. Just as importantly Lionheart Insurance's HGV Insurance provides great insurance cover. We can even help you arrange your Haulage Insurance and for your customer's Cargo Insurance. What's more important is that Lionheart's HGV Insurance will not only cover Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5  tonne but will actually cover vehicles up to 44 tonnes! This mean cabs with or without trailers.

With our experience in Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance we know the right questions to ask to get you a great price for your HGV Insurance policy. With a few questions we can provide Insurance cover for accidental cover, breakdown and haulage.

Don't forget we can provide Heavy Good Vehicle Insurance for standard production vehicles as well as modified or unusual commercial vehicles. We already provide insurance for snow ploughs, bull dozers, tippers amongst many other vehicles. You can be certain we can provide insurance for your commercial vehicle.

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What does my Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance cover?

Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance from Lionheart Insurance will allow HGV drivers insurance cover to drive your lorry for commercial purposes, to carry goods (Goods In Transit) and make deliveries

Lionheart Insurance can provide insurance for standard HGVs as well as Specialist Commercial Vehicles

The Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance policy can cover:

- Single Heavy Goods Vehicle

- Multi Heavy Goods Vehiclse (Mini or Large Fleet same vehicle types or a mixture)

- Single Driver

- Multi Driver (single Heavy Goods Vehicle or multi Heavy Goods Vehicle)

What size of vehicles will Lionheart's Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance cover?

Lionheart Insurance's Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance will cover from small goods vehicles like the combo vans, transits (short wheel based and long wheel based) right up to 44 tonne commercial vehicles. The insurance policy can cover just the cab or include trailers if it is required.

Will I qualify for a discount if I do more than one insurance policy with you?

Yes! Placing more business with Lionheart Insurance will not only save you time and money shopping round , be more convenient if you have an insurance query to only need to visit one place but Lionheart Insurance will look at how we can reduce administration costs, thus saving you more money! We can also help you arrange a policy which means you only have to worry about one renewal date for your Insurance policy and one monthly payment.

What does the Freight Insurance cover?

The Freight Insurance can cover your clients' goods in transit and be based upon a £/ tonne basis or selective carriage if required. It covers the items during transit on a price per tonnage. If you want to cover the full value of the items you need to take out Cargo Insurance. The insurance provides cover during transit only, i.e. under the haulers temporary care.

Lionheart Insurance has a dedicated Commercial Vehicle team who will work hard on your behalf to scour insurance providers and get you the best deal for your Commercial Vehicle Insurance which will meet your needs. The insurance policy can be include Public Liabiltiy Insurance, Freight Insurance and/ or Cargo Insurance.

Lionheart Insurance can provide you with insurance for one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, as well as single driver, multi-named driver or any driver over a set age. Lionheart Insurance can provide a tailored insurance service which will allow one driver to drive one vehicle in a fleet, thus handling the younger driver or convicted driver.


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