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Horsebox Insurance

As rider, jockey or member of the pony club why risk your horsebox insurance to a comparison site or non specialist company and run the risk that your Horsebox is not insured properly? Instead, using an equine trailer insurance specialist you can rest easy that you have a cheap horsebox insurance from a professional and friendly insurance broker.

Lionheart are that horsebox insurance specialist allowing you to cover your horsebox quickly, cheaply and more importantly with the right cover.

What sort of horseboxes can I insure with horsebox insurance?

Lionheart Insurance's horsebox insurance will provide  insurance cover for motorized and non-motorized (i.e. trailer). There is no limit to the size of the horsebox, therefore you can transport all of your horses if your horsebox can safely hold them. Our horsebox insurance will support horseboxes which have sleeping quarters or day boxes.

Do I get a discount on my horsebox insurance if I do limited mileage in my horsebox?

Yes! Lionheart Insurance horsebox insurance policy will support the following types related to mileage:

  • Unlimited mileage. As standard our hoursebox insurance will support unlimited mileage allowing you to visit every race meeting, pony club meeting or to exercise the horses as often as you like, where you like.
  • 5k Cap. Reducing your mileage to 5,000 miles per year, you can qualify for a 5% discount on your premium for you horsebox insurance. We save this money and we want to pass this money straight on to you. So if you think you will only up to 5,000 miles in a year in your horsebox then why not save some money?
  • 3.5k Cap. If you use your horsebox for short hops or for a limited number of journeys, resulting in doing no more than 3,500 miles per year then you can qualify for the 7.5% discount on your horsebox insurance. Again this is a money saver we will pass straight on to you. Well we know how expensive it is to look after horses and all savings on your horsebox insurance are savings none of us want to turn down.

So why delay, try us today! You have two easy ways of contacting us for that great Horsebox Insurance Quote:

  • Call us on 0800 917 5227 or from your mobile 0121 380 0930
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Lionheart Insurance, reigning in the cost of your Horsebox Insurance.