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We are Motor Trade Insurance specialists aimed at getting the best price and cover for Motor Trade Insurance. Our Motor Trade Insurance can cover Combined Motor Trade Insurance or just Road Risk only. The cover can include multiple drivers or a single motor trade driver. Social & Domestic Policies (SDP) or Additional Business Use (ABU) can be included on some policies for an additional premium. Furthermore, we have an excellent Claims facility if requried.

The Combined Motor Trade Insurance can cover all of your liability requirements including Public Liability, Employee Liability and Business Interruption as well as your Road Risk cover to ensure you are fully covered.

For Comprehensive policies you can use Split Indemnity to cover more expensive customers' cars without the worry of pushing your premium too high.

For just Road Risk Motor Trade Insurance cover, we are not only cheap but our motor trade insurance policies can those of you who are involved in the Motor Trade industry part time or full time as well as ABU and SDP.

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Why chose Lionheart for your Cheap Motor Trade Insurance?

Lionheart are a specialist in Motor Trade Insurance, which means, like you, really know the Motor Trade business. Lionheart's dedicated Motor Trade specialist team will compare available Motor Trade Insurance policies, based on your needs and offer you Motor Trade Insurance which can:

- Combined Motor Trade Insurance or Road Risk Only Motor Trade Insurance

- Part Time and Full Time Motor Traders, Mechanics and Car Valet

- Fully Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPF & T) as well as Third Party Only

- Additional Business Use* can be included

- Indemnity from £2,500 for a TPF & T policy or £5,000 for Comprehensive

- Japanese, US/ Canadian Imported vehicles can be covered

- Kit cars and high Performance can be covered

- Liability cover from £1m of cover available

- Add ons available include breakdown**, windscreen, key cover


Motor Trade Insurance can be used by motor traders, mechanics and car valets. There is a minimum age for Motor Trade drivers, which is typically 23, though some insurance companies will insist on 25 years old. The reason for the minimum age of the motor trade driver is because the variety of motor vehicles you have access to. To reduce the cost of the Motor Trade Insurance Policy for young Motor Trade drivers, some insurance companies will provide engine size restrictions. Lionheart Insurance have a large panel of Insurance companies who prefer different types of customers. This enables Lionheart Insurance to be able to offer motor trade insurance policies to a very wide range of customers. Are you struggling to get motor trade insurance and getting it at a reasonable price? Then either give Lionheart Insurance a call or complete the online form. You get to speak to motor trade insurance specialists, access to their knowledge to find the right motor trade insurance policy for you. Lionheart Insurance don't have a faceless, robotic call centre but motor trade specialists who are there to help you not to sell you something you don't need.

Standard Motor Trade Insurance Policies will typically have restrictions which include not supporting: High Performance Vehicles e.g. Subuaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evos, Nissan Skylines; Imported vehicles (Japanese, US, Canadian);Occupations - some occupations, because of their nature will not be covered; Additional business use is not a standard facility on the motor trade insurance policy and needs to be added. Not all insurance companies will provide additional business use under a motor trade insurance policy.

Cheap Motor Trade Insurance, from Lionheart Insurance is aimed at protecting the Motor Trader, Mechanic and the Car Valeter. It does not matter if you undertake these roles on a part time basis or  full time basis as we have a variety of solutions to cover you. Your motor trade insurance policy can cover you if you trade from home (road risks policy) or if you have your own premises/ pitch (combined policy). We can provide insurance cover for both. If need insurance cover on your motor trade insurance policy to cover your additional business let us know as in a lot of cases we can extend your motor trade insurance policy for Additional Business Use (ABU).

We regularly get requested for Motor Trade Insurance policies from pople who also do scrap metal work. The simple question is "Are you a Motor Trader or are you fronting this to cover you for a job?". If you are a genuine Motor Trader, which you can prove (receipts, evidence of buying and selling vehicles etc) and you simply need to extend your motor trade insurance to cover your additional business then there is no problem, we have the ideal Motor Trade Insurance policy for you. However, if you can not prove that you are trading in vehicles the policy will either not provided or will be cancelled.

Motor Trade Insurance does allow cover for vehicles in the charge of the motor trader, in the conduct of the business. Social and domestic cover on your motor trade insurance policy is restricted to vehicles owned purely by the policy holder and have been agreed for that use.
Motor Trade Insurance cover types include Fully Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance, Third Party Insurance.
Finally, Motor Trade Insurance can be acquired to cover Combined Motor Trade Insurance and Road Risks Motor Trade Insurance

Click through on the button below to complete a quotation form for motor trade insurance, or give us a call on 01213800930 for further information. Working with Lionheart Insurance can sort out all of your Motor Trade insurance needs in one phone call. 


How do I update the MID?

As a Motor Trader you will have a vehicle churn, meaning that you will need to update the MID with your purchases and sales. Lionheart Insurance provide a number of ways you can update the MID. To take the pain out of this you can update MID through any of the following routes:

  1. Web Page:  Click on
  2. Email: Email MID updates to      Please include  if to be added/ removed, Policy holder's name, Postcode, Vehicle Make, Model, Engine Size, if there are any modifications, if it is imported, whether it is stock or for personal use and its approx value.
  3. Phone: Call 0121 380 0930 and select option 5. Again leave a message about your vehicle but it must include if to be added/ removed, Policy holder's name, Postcode, Vehicle Make, Model, Engine Size, if there are any modifications, if it is imported, whether it is stock or for personal use and its approx value.


Please note vehicles should now be on the MID within 48 hours, so please update us via the above at your earliest convenience. Failure to do so could mean that your vehicle is impounded by the Police, who may not allow you to retrieve your vehicle using your Motor Trade policy. It is the policy holder's responsibility to notify the insurance company in the change of ownership. Best to be safe than to have the vehicle seized!

Am I charged for updating the MID?

No. Unlike some insurance brokers we do not charge for this facility. Don't forget the 3 simple ways to do the updates, shown above.

How many vehicles can I add to my motor trade insurance policy?

A motor trade insurance policy has no upper limit. All policies are subject to being regularly reviewed and  subject to the usual terms and conditions.

What is Indemnity?

The indemnity level on a motor trade insurance policy is the maximum pay out to you for a claim on the policy. This does not include third party costs, so hitting a more expensive vehicle will not affect this.

What is the minimum age for a Trader?

Although there is not a minimum age to hold a Motor Trade Insurnace policy a lot of insurance companies want to see a minimum of 25 years old due to the wide range of vehicles available for a Motor Trader to drive. For drivers under 25 it is expensive. For any driver wishing to have a Motor Trade Insurance policy or even be named on one, they must have held their driving licence for at least 12 months.

What excesses apply to a Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

The majority of Most trade insurance policies have a compulsory £250 excess as standard. To reduce the cost of your premium further excess can be arranged. Lionheart Insurance also have the facility to provide you with an Excess Protection which can work out cheaper to have a high excess and the excess protection. Speak to our helpful Motor Trade Insurance specialist team to see what would work out cheapest for you.

Can I trade part-time?

Lionheart Insurance can provide Motor Trade Insurance policies for Part Time as well as Full Time. It is not uncommon for our customers to use it as a way of supplimenting their income. Standard proof is required for motor traders. Motor Trade Insurance policies from Lionheart Insurance can be extended to cover Additional business use  in the event of part time motor traders covering their vehicles. Speak to our professional specialist motor trade team for more information.


Lionheart Insurance, our motor trade insurance products will make you happy.


We try to help those that work in the Motor Trade to prosper and grow. Its in our interest, you guys grow your business with help from us, then you're more likely to want to stay. We get repeat business and you get a great deal on your insurance as well as having the best service you can want.

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