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Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Work with a Motor Trade Specialist, work with Lionheart Insurance for your cheap part time Motor Trade Insurance.

Our dedicated Motor Trade Team will help both the Part Time and Full Time Motor Trade insurance policy holder compare the market for the cheapest Motor Trade Insurance which fits their Motor Trade needs.

Lionheart Motor Trade Insurance Policy Benefits

 - Part Time Motor Traders, Car Valets and Mechanics can be covered

 - Indemnity of £5,000 to over £100,000

 - Single and multiple drivers available including spouse and business partners

 - Vehicles can be arranged to have Additional Business Use (ABU)

 - Work/ Trade from home or be mobile we have a motor trade insurance policy to cover this

 - Many full time occupations covered

 - Excess Protection available on most policies reducing your pay out in the event of a claim

 - Windscreen, breakdown and key cover can be set up for dedicated vehicles

Part Time Involvement with Motor Trade, can I get insurance?

You have a full time job but you want to trade in motor vehicles part time to earn additional money, you love cars or you hope to launch a full time motor trade job but can't afford to start the business and want a slow way in. We get it. Part Time Motor Traders are just as serious about motor trading as their full time traders, just that you can't afford the time or money for complete dedication. Along comes Lionheart's cheap  Part Time Motor Trade Insurance. Part Time Motor Trade Insurance is available for people who work in the motor trade on a part time basis. This part time work can be for motor trade vehicle sales, mechanics and car valeters.

What about Additional Business Use with My Part Time Motor Trade Insurance?

With Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Additional Business Use (ABU) can be included for most professions on most policies however, do check with our sales agent if we can cover your additional business.

What proof is needed for Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Policies?

One thing to be aware with any Motor Trade Insurance policy, be it Part Time or Full Time is the increasing need to prove that the policy holder for the Motor Trade Insurance will be using the motor trade insurance policy for the purposes of motor trade. This proof will often require receipts to reflect the motor trading. Relevant receipts are grouped in the following categories:

Motor Trade Insurance - receipts for purchased and sold vehicles, on headed paper. Hand drawn receipts on none branded paper (i.e. doesn't have your logo or stamp) is unlikely to be sufficient for the insurance company.

Mechanic Motor Trade Insurance - receipts for oil, parts (incl filters, spark plugs etc) as well as invoices on branded paper will also show validity

Car Valeter Motor Trade Insurance - receipts for car shampoo, cloths etc as well as contracted work for other companies.

In addition to the above specialist evidence company accounts (supplied from the motor trader or from their accountant) could well show sufficient evidence that you are trading.


How long do I have to have held my Driving Licence in order to qualify for a Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

It will vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company but a minimum of 2 years driving licence will be necessary, some Insurance Companies will need to see you hold your Full UK Licence for 5 years. Remember this is not just for the policy holder but also for partners and named drivers. Speak to our Motor Trade Specialist team to see if this will cause you an issue on 0121 380 0930.


Want to know more about Part Time Motor Trade Insurance?

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